University of Hawaii Foundation Lyon Arboretum Micropropagation Lab

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University of Hawaii

Ground has been broken for the new Micropropagation Laboratory at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa’s Lyon Arboretum. The $2.5-million facility will expand the arboretum’s important efforts to store, propagate and eventually restore many of Hawai‘i’s rare native plants.

With more than 400 federally endangered or threatened plants and approximately 300 in significant decline, Hawai’i is considered an “Endangered Species Hotspot,” making work at the new facility critical for native plant preservation. The Change Happens Foundation is very pleased to support these efforts which are so clearly aligned with our focus on environmental conservation.

Construction of the new laboratory facilities will double the growing space for the current lab’s 20,000-plus plants and provide greater public access to the unique program. The design of the new laboratory will allow for non-obtrusive public viewing into the research facility through strategically positioned windows along a covered, external corridor. In addition, a video monitor will provide viewers a deeper appreciation of the conservation practices and methodologies being used. Lyon Arboretum’s new laboratory is expected to be completed in 2017.