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Galaxy Garden

Working with renowned space artist Jon Lomberg, the Delaware AeroSpace Education Foundation (DASEF) is creating a Galaxy Garden at their Earth and Space Science Technology Education facility on a dedicated ½ acre of their 39 acre site.

Lomberg’s Galaxy Garden is a botanical representation of the Milky Way Galaxy built with a scale of 1,000 light years per foot. Once completed, visitors will walk through a garden where every plant, leaf and speck mirrors a portion of the Milky Way Galaxy. At its core is a supermassive black hole, represented by a water fountain. On the outskirts are planets, solar systems and nebulae.

Explaining that gardens and galaxies have similar life cycles, Lomberg said, “A flower makes seeds to make more flowers to make more seeds. A nebula makes more stars to make more nebulae to make more stars.”

The Galaxy Garden will translate scientific discoveries into visualizations that inform and engage students, teachers and the general public in understanding their relationship to the vast and ancient galaxy of which they are a part.

This will be the second Garden Galaxy in the world. The first garden, created by Lomberg, is on the Big Island of Hawaii where he lives. We, at the Change Happens Foundation, proudly supported the creation of the first Galaxy Garden, and we’re very excited to be partnering again with Jon Lomberg to bring this stellar project to the DASEF where it will be located next to a walking tour through the solar system and a sculpture of Earth for a complete set of inspirational visual learning activities.