United Anglers of Casa Grande Petaluma River Watershed Habitat Restoration Project

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United Anglers of Casa Grande

Dedicated to public education and community service, the United Anglers of Casa Grande (UACG) is a 33 year-old intensive educational organization whose purpose is to promote environmental awareness and activism through hands-on habitat restoration that supports the survival and recovery of federally threatened central coast steelhead and other native salmonid fishes.

Founded by biology teacher Tom Furrer in 1983, United Anglers students now operate and maintain a state-of-the-art conservation fish hatchery on the Casa Grande Public High School campus in Petaluma, CA, learning a range of relevant multidisciplinary skills through practical application and intensive environmental curriculum.

The award-winning, internationally recognized United Anglers program is funded through local public support, charitable grants and various event activities. UACG also partners with many state and federal agencies including the California Department of Fish & Wildlife and the National Marine Fisheries Service. We proudly support the United Anglers of Casa Grande’s mission of providing a unique educational opportunity for youth in service to the community and the environment.